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Wyoming State Departament Of Corrections Inmate Search

Updated on: March 14, 2023

Wyoming has an incarceration rate of 842 per 100,000 persons. This includes offenders in juvenile facilities, county jails, state prisons, and immigration detention. The state has 25 county jails, five state prisons, 43 police jails, and one town jail. The Wyoming Department of Corrections manages the correctional facilities. 

The state prisons hold inmates for violating state laws. Those violating federal laws are held in federal facilities. State prisons hold offenders of rape, murder, or gun-related crimes. The offenders in state prisons are more violent than those in federal facilities.  

Federal prisons house persons who have committed crimes against organizations, elected officials, or government officials. They also hold inmates who have committed white-collar crimes such as bribery or money laundering.  

The Federal Bureau of Prisons manages the federal prisons. State prisons are funded by state revenue, while the federal government funds federal prisons.  

County jails in Wyoming are short-term detention centers. They hold offenders with minor offenses or those awaiting trial. The Sherriff's office runs the county jails.  

How to Conduct an Inmate Search in Wyoming 

The Wyoming Department of Corrections keeps all offenders' and inmates' records in the state prisons and those on probation. You can conduct an inmate search using the inmate lookup tool for free. It helps you identify an inmate by their full name or Identification Number. Inmates in the state are listed as In Custody, while those supervised out of state are listed as Interstate Compact.  

You are also allowed to search through email. You should write a record request including the inmate's full name and the information you need. Send the written request or contact the public information office. 

You can contact the police department or the Sherriff's office to perform inmate searches in county jails. All county jails have inmate locators on their site or the Sheriff's office site. Alternatively, you can visit the Sheriff's office or county jail during office hours.  

How to Contact an Inmate in Wyoming 

You cannot call an inmate, but you can receive their calls. Inmates are allowed to have fifteen numbers to call. They can make prepaid and collect debit calls to the listed numbers. All calls are recorded except the legal ones. ICSolutions is the approved service provider and are required to create an account on their website. Call waiting, call forwarding, and a three-way call is not allowed.  

You can also contact an inmate by sending mail. Ensure to include their full name, identification number, facility address, and return address. You aren't allowed to include anything except a letter or photo in the mail. All the mails are checked and read to ensure they conform to the rules.   

Sending Money  

Inmates in Wyoming have accounts where loved ones can send money through Access Corrections, Ace Cash Express, or CashPayToday. CashPayToday and Ace Cash Express are the approved partners. They offer payment kiosks at the state prisons. To send money online, you can use Access Corrections, which accepts Visa credit and debit cards or Master cards. Another option is to send it by phone at (866) 345-1884. 

Visiting an Inmate  

Loved ones are allowed to visit an inmate following the rules set by the correctional facilities. Before visiting, you should read the policy and complete the applications. Some of the forms you need to fill out and read include: 

  • Special Visit Request 
  • Visitor's Consent Form 
  • Visitor Application 
  • Letter of Custodial Consent for Inmate Visiting 
  • Visiting Room Protocol for Inmates 

All inmates can get up to ten adults on their approved lists. If you are under 18, you will appear on the approved list but won't be counted as an adult. Visitation schedules differ from one facility to the other. So, it's advisable to check the schedule before the visit. You can also have video visitation. Make sure you schedule the visitation and adhere to all the rules.  

Visitation schedules and rules for the county jails differ from those of the state prisons. They also vary from one county jail to the other. Therefore, you can contact the county's Sheriff's office or jail administrator to get the visitation details. Alternatively, you can check the information online. During the visits, you should have legal documents such as a passport, driver's license, or other government-approved documents for identification.  

Wyoming Inmate Search DOC Information

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Address 1934 Wyott Drive, Suite 100, Cheyenne, WY 82002
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