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Nevada State Departament Of Corrections Inmate Search

Updated on: April 8, 2023

Nevada has eight state prisons and twenty jails. The state’s imprisonment rates stand at 252 per 100,000 residents. The jails are operated by county and state government institutions like the Las Vegas Police Department. The Nevada Department of Corrections runs prisons, but there are no federal prisons. Let's look at the prison and jail systems in detail. 

Nevada Inmate Records 

Nevada Department of Corrections staff provides inmate records. You can access the records using online resources on the department's website, which has an inmate lookup tool, publications on how to perform inmate searches, and inmate programs, among other information. 

You will be required to enter the inmate's full name and assigned identification number to get the exact prison where they are held. Other information you get includes their sentence, the offense committed, and possible release date.  

Prison and Jail System in Nevada 

Jails in the state act as detention centers holding persons awaiting trial or serving short sentences. Each Nevada prison is gender specific, while the jails can house both male and female offenders in a separate area of the same building. The prisons are minimum, medium, and maximum security. Since the death penalty is allowed in Nevada, the prisons have facilities for administering capital punishment.  

Officials in prison undergo specialized training focused on vocational training, substance abuse, mental health, and education, among other areas necessary for offender rehabilitation. The prison system has put more effort into rehabilitating and reintegrating offenders into the community. This aims to reduce the high incarceration rates in the state.  

The prison system has a division of parole and probation, managing information about inmates' release dates and plans. 

Contacting an Inmate  

Inmates are allowed to send and receive mail. Mails are delivered to correctional facilities on business days except for the holidays. You shouldn't send anything else other than a letter or photos. Other items should be sent to an inmate through the approved vendor.  

When sending the mail, include a return address, inmate’s name, and I.D. number on the envelope. All mail is opened and inspected to guarantee security and safety.  

You can't make a phone call to an inmate, but the inmates are permitted to make calls. They can have twenty numbers on their call list. The calls are recorded and monitored. You can fund your inmate calling account through a web-based portal, use a voice response number, or call the customer support agent.  

Sending Money  

You can send money to an inmate through phone, mail, online, or a walk-in location. All inmate deposits should be made to Cash Pay Today, by calling 1-844-340-CASH (2274) or through their website. You should enroll and get a customer I.D. number, after which the money is deposited with the assigned I.D. and the inmate name and I.D. number.  

Online and phone deposits are made via For mail deposits, you should complete the money order deposit form and submit it together with the money order. You can't send more than $2,999 to an inmate with a money order.  

Another option to send money is depositing using the kiosk in the specific facility your inmate is held. You can also deposit using Dollar General or AceCashExpress.  

Visiting an Inmate  

All inmates in Nevada prisons and jails enjoy visiting privileges for their sentence duration. To visit, you must meet all the regulations. You should be on the approved list. To get listed, you should download and fill out the visiting form.  

After approval, you are given a visiting card. If you aren't an inmate's immediate family member, you should do the application every three years. Make sure you schedule your visit at least a day before arriving at the correctional facility. Present a valid government-issued photo I.D., and you might also go through routine checks before you enter the facility. If you have past criminal records, you won't be allowed at any facility.  

When visiting an inmate, you aren't supposed to carry any electronic device or all other prohibited items. Leave all your items like wallets or purses. If you are under 16 years, you should have a valid copy of your birth certificate.  

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Address 5500 Snyder Avenue, Bldg. 17,Carson City, Nevada 89701
Phone (775) 887-3285
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