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Updated on: April 19, 2023

The state of Maryland has 30 jails spread across 23 counties. The number of prisoners under the jurisdiction of the state is 18,595 held in 19 state prisons, and others held in local or private jails. As of July 31, 2022, there were 70,000 under probation and 9,700 under parole. 

Some of the jails in Maine allow inmates to participate in educational programs where they can earn their GED. What’s more, you can learn woodworking, upholstery, horticulture, and vocational skills. There are four types of prisons in Maryland including juvenile detention centers, private correctional institutions, federal prisons, and state prisons. 

The Maryland department of corrections ensures that it updates all the information on the different jails and prisons. Detainees in medium facilities do not stay for more than two years. However, those in maximum confinement are in jail for even twenty years. Working while in prison improves an inmate’s image and may result in them being released early. 

Maryland Prison Inmate Locator

Maryland facilities have an inmate locator where you can search for a loved one as long as you have their name and inmate ID. The locator does not have information about detainees who are in another state. 

The database in the state is updated on a regular basis to ensure it has the most current information. Additionally, information in their database will give information regarding the bond terms. In case you are not comfortable with the internet, you can visit the facility physically. 

Funding an Inmate 

Once an inmate is in any of the Detention Centers in Maryland, an account is created for them. The purpose of the account is for the inmate to buy necessities and access medical services while in jail. While you are sending the money or other items, you should include the inmate's jail number and name.  

There are several ways to send money to an inmate in Maryland. You can take cash directly to any of the facility's lobby. You can also use online payment methods, including JPay, Western Union, and Money Gram. Additionally, most of the facilities in the state accept phone deposits and debit cards. 


Appearance at most of the Detention Centers in Maryland has to be pre-arranged. You need to contact the authorities to ensure that your name appears on the visitor's list.  

Most visitation in Maryland takes place via video call. Entry into the facilities will not be allowed unless you have a valid ID, Passport, Military ID, or Driver’s License.  

Visitors allowed into the facilities include associates, family, and friends. The relationship needs to be verifiable, and you will not enter any of the facilities until the inmate puts you on the list.  

Most of the prisons in the state allow up to five visitors in a day. Minors will not get access to the facilities unless they come with a parent or a legal guardian. Any breach of the rules and regulations will lead to immediate termination of the visit or bring about the prosecution of the offender. 

Contacting Inmates 

All prisons in Maryland encourage inmates to maintain ties with loved ones, family, and friends while in jail. Several contractors get the privilege of providing call services.  

However, it is important to note that only the inmate can initiate a phone call. The inmate may pay for the call, or they may use reverse calling where the receiver will bear the cost. Most of the facilities do not require any verification process for calls to family or friends.  

An inmate has to enter only their Inmate Personal Identification Number (IPIN) to initiate a phone call. 

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