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Arkansas State Departament Of Corrections Inmate Search

Updated on: April 3, 2023

The Arkansas Department of Corrections' main objective is to ensure public safety, and it achieves this by executing the court's orders and providing safe incarceration environments for convicts and staff members. The department currently manages 20 correctional facilities scattered across 12 counties. The Arkansas DOC also oversees parole for prisoners and reentry programs.  

In the 19th century, the first governor of Arkansas attempted to get funds to establish the state's first correctional facility. But the General Assembly opposed the proposition until 1839 when the third General Assembly provided the money.  

By the sixties, Arkansas was well-known for possessing the most violent and crooked correctional system in the US. Today, it has a well-established prison system with over 19,000 inmates and 4,000 employees.  

Arkansas Inmate Search  

The Arkansas Department of Corrections allows interested individuals to access details about inmates within the state via an online website. The information on the site is sourced from the inmate database kept by the Arkansas DOC in compliance with the Freedom of Information Act 

You can download the whole database or use the inmate search option. Navigate to the section that allows you to enter the prisoner's details and accept the disclaimer to continue.  

Input the inmate's last name in the space provided and submit. You can either use the Name Search or ADC Number category, though the ADC Number is more accurate.  

When using the Name Search option, you can either enter the inmate's Last and First Name together or separately. However, entering both names will give more accurate results.  

Here are some ways to further narrow down the Arkansas Inmate Search results: 

  • Choose an offense category 
  • Specify the county where the inmate is being held 
  • Define the prisoner's race and gender  
  • Provide an estimate of the prisoner's age 
  • Additionally, you can indicate whether you want the results to include the offender's photos 

After entering the inmate's details in the state inmate locator, the results will list every inmate matching that criteria. They'll also include the inmate's potential release date and the facility where they're being held.  

There is an option (next to each name) to deposit funds into the inmate's commissary accounts via the Correct Pay platform. Click on the convict's name to reveal more information about them. 

How to Contact Inmates in Arkansas Jails and Prisons 

Arkansas inmates can communicate with individuals outside their facility via regular mail or phone call. The facilities allow inmates to make collect calls to only approved numbers. They can't use cell phones or calling cards and aren't allowed to call anyone whose phone number isn't approved. Each prison facility has specific rules on inmate calling.  

Inmate letters must be written using black ink on a maximum of two sheets of copy paper (8½ by 11 inches). Cards sent to an inmate must be the same size as the copy paper, and all readable materials like newspapers, magazines, and books must be mailed from a verifiable outlet. 

However, edible foods and care packages aren't allowed. Any mail that doesn't fit the above-mentioned descriptions is considered contraband and destroyed or returned to the sender. 

How to Visit an Inmate in Arkansas  

Friends and families of inmates will find Arkansas correctional facilities' visitation procedures, guidelines, and requirements on the site's visitation page. Each visitor must be on the inmate's approved visitation list.  

Intending visitors must complete a visitation application and submit it to the holding facility's admin office to get on an inmate's approved visitation list. After approval, visitors can schedule visits on designated visitation days.  

Each inmate is entitled to a certain number of visits depending on their criminal category, and they can receive up to four visitors at once. However, all of the inmate's children with two adults may visit unless the facility staff objects for space-related reasons. Every visitor to Arkansas inmates must present a valid government-issued ID.  

How to Send Money to Inmates in Arkansas  

Charitable organizations, family members, and friends can send money to inmates in Arkansas via phone orders, online, or through the mail. The inmates will need money for several reasons, but primarily to buy commissary items. So, friends and family members must make their loved ones' lives easier via these account top-ups. 

Inmates can also earn commissary funds through various employment opportunities provided by the DOC. To send money via mail, you must download and complete a money order slip. Ensure to include the ADC number and full name of the inmate.  

On the other hand, if you wish to make an online deposit, you can do so via the inmate deposit service online. Similarly, you can call the administrative unit to make phone deposits.  

Arkansas Inmate Search DOC Information

Authority Arkansas Department of Corrections
Website link
Inmate Search link
Visitor Application link
Video Visitation link
Send Mail/Packages link
Send Money link
Address 6814 Princeton Pike Pine Bluff, AR 71602
Phone 870-267-6999

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